Archduke Charles


Archduke (Archiduc) Charles - The 'Duke', a China, has been around prior to 1837 and blooms profusely with two to four inch blooms, delicately formed, with what has been described as a subtle 'banana' scent. Known as the 'chameleon' rose, the blooms are a rich pink, glowing rose and deep crimson changing with age, true to its China heritage. The three foot tall, four foot wide plant is compact, vigorous and leafy with good foliage. Known as the 'San Marcos Rose' to the Texas Rose Rustlers before it was properly identified, it was found growing all over the Central Texas area around old homesteads and in San Marcos in numerous locations. One group of Archduke Charles bushes were found under mounds of honeysuckle by the Burton's when they renovated the old Episcopal rectory built in the mid-1800's for their Benchmark Insurance office. (Growing in the same garden are 'Kay' which is believed to be Le Vesue and Hermosa.) Extremely shade, alkaline, and drought tolerant, he is a very handsome addition to any garden.

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